Dragon Cars Bee Flower

Clive Tucker Ceramics

Public Art

Clive’s latest public art project launched this May 2011. Called Compost Happens the project was commissioned by the City of Port Moody.

Clive first created an original painting. The painting was then digitized and blown up to a 13 ft wide x 6.5 ft high a vinyl wrap and adorns one of the city’s recycling trucks. Clive explains his piece:

“Green waste is composted with help from the worms to produce rich red/brown soil for growing flowers. The idea of transformation is reinforced with the life-cycle of the butterfly. Here we see some caterpillars, a chrysalis and butterflies. It was important for me to show the transformation of something ugly to something beautiful, so I used the butterflies as a metaphor.

The image was reversed for the left-hand side of the truck so that from either side it gives the impression that green waste is piled inside the truck, and that as the truck goes by it leaves a trail of butterflies and flowers in its wake. I chose the boardwalk to locate it in Port Moody. I also included a bee as it works in the landscape and bees have become an important aspect of my work.”

Hidden Encounters was commissioned by the City of Port Moody in 2008. It depicts three relief sculptures highlighting local flora and fauna inset into the Shoreline Bridge posts along the Shoreline Trail in Rocky Point Park. The panels depict chocolate lilies which flower in Spring, ospreys who migrate from South America to breed here in the summer months, and the third panel is a Sitka Spruce not often seen in the Lower Mainland. “The three designs for the panels were inspired by my desire to enhance enjoyment of the park by revealing parts of the environment that are not always apparent,” says Clive.

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